Drum kit

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Drum kit

Post by Delts »

Just got reminded about this thanks to the musfund meeting. During the set up to Rocksoc Live the state of the musfund drum kit really came into question (it's missing parts and is basically unusable).

The thought Zak and I had was that maybe ents should get their own drum kit that is only used for in house events leaving the musfund one for hires and to get as trashed as it is.

Using the current musfund one just makes us look like a piss poor set up and musfund obviously can't look after it (I had petitioned for the kick to be fixed when I was on the committee, it's even worse now) and keep losing parts.

What do others think? I personally think it would make us look far better as a venue.
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Post by PhilTheMerEnt »

Not actually sure I think it should the place of Ents/Union to buy a drum kit in this instance. I know the Musfund one gets a lot of usage by all kinds of groups but I don't think there is need to have two just yet. Maybe if someone on Musfund (eg, the resources person), were to inventorise the kit each week and check for damage/lost bits, then replacements could be charged to the responsible people - then this could solve in the short term?
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Post by Spike »

If the ents were to get their own kit as well I can foresee it also being used for hires if/when the musfund kit was out as well.
Also, what's going to prevent the ents kit from getting into the same condition? Another problem would be storage as we are running very low on space. Does use on average once a fortnight merit such expenditure?

Not a bad idea, just unfortunately not practical for us to pursue.
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